The financial markets today are more dynamic than ever. Understanding the nuances and rapid changes is key to thrive.

Numerous automated trading platforms are everywhere, and the competition for the most efficient HFT algorithms is intense. Nonetheless, it is the approach to strategy that matters and makes the difference.

In an environment full of advanced tech, our team, backed by 20+ years of global market trading experience, is focused on navigating the complexities of the market. We believe it's about both embracing and mastering them.

When we talk about quantitative trading, we're looking beyond just automation and code. It's about a comprehensive view that refines the whole algorithmic trading process. 
Our strength lies in the research: diving into markets’ microstructures, understanding liquidity in fragmented markets, and getting the details of different exchanges just right.

Having a solid backtesting setup is non-negotiable in the world of algorithmic trading. We put our theories to the test against the realities of financial markets.
We take pride in our trading strategies, reminiscent of top-notch HFT practices, and our trading platform seamlessly combines speed, adaptability, and efficacy to achieve the results we aim for.


Our Journey

Discover the fascinating journey we made
through the years. Quite a way!

BHFT founded
First automated trading systems’ launch
Foray into the main world’s exchanges
Start of the biggest markets presence
Team number doubled
Expansion to new markets


73 TB
of trading & misc data daily
15 TB
of traffic daily
trading instruments

Current Job

Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • The whole range of works on the design and development of tests in Kotlin
  • Development of a framework for automated testing
  • Exploratory testing of new functionality + bug localization
  • Maintaining documentation and testing artefacts
Full Stack Developer

  • Given high-level business requirements, design & implement complete trading platform features, including both backend and frontend;
  • Implement proposed solutions using TypeScript, Node.js, React;
  • Ensure quality and reliability of developed solutions using automated (unit, integration) testing;
  • Document implemented modules;
  • Communicate with peer teams on integrations, deployment and support of implemented solutions;
  • Maintain and improve implemented solutions according to business needs and feedback.
Backend Engineer

  • Given high-level business and technical requirements, discuss all related details with the product/trading/devops teams, to develop features of a trading platform;
  • Implement the proposed solutions in the Rust programming language;
  • Ensure the quality, reliability and performance of the developed solutions through automated (modular, integration, performance) and manual testing with the QA team;
  • Document implemented modules;
  • Communicate with colleagues on integration, deployment and support of implemented solutions;
  • Maintain and improve implemented modules according to business needs and feedback.
Team Lead for Gateway team

  • Feature delivering;
  • Task decomposition – assist team members in understanding and designing solutions;
  • Team development: hiring, firing, motivation, retention, regular performance assessments, team expertise growth, nurturing Feature Leads, fostering a friendly work atmosphere;
  • Sprint planning and task distribution;
  • Responsible for meeting deadlines for tasks executed by the team;
  • Enhance the testing culture within the team;
  • Ensure proposed solutions do not compromise platform reliability and performance;
  • Promote a knowledge base culture for the part of the platform the team is responsible for;
  • Assess and plan team resources based on incoming tasks.