T + ?

T+1, settlement

Get ready for U.S. stock trades to settle the next day. This is a change from the standard that feels familiar, but with a new twist. Let’s get started. Think back to 1995, when settlement times for U.S. stocks went from T+5 to T+3. Since the change, people have talked about making this period even […]

Generative AI: revolutionizing blockchain?

generative AI, blockchain

Generative AI, a rapidly evolving technology, has sparked seismic changes across the tech spectrum, with its influence pervading everything from infrastructure to applications. In recent years, the potential integration of this transformative tech with the Web3 ecosystem has sparked fervent debate, exploring innovative applications such as AI-driven digital wallets and language exploration tools. A compelling […]

The market for algorithmic trading to reach a size of USD 36.75 billion by 2032

algorithmic trading market size

As algorithmic trading is increasingly used by end users, including institutional investors, individual investors, short-term traders, and long-term traders, the market should increase at a favorable rate. With a 31.08% market revenue share in 2022, the North America area became the world’s largest market for algorithmic trading. The market for algorithmic trading will increase from […]

Is Vanguard Europe’s ETF dormant powerhouse?

Vanguard, ETF

Vanguard has yet to rank among the top three ETF issuers in Europe, despite predictions that it will surpass BlackRock as the biggest issuer of ETFs over the next ten years. Can it advance, and if so, what will fuel this change?  Vanguard has mostly been content to forego the title of first mover when […]

SEC Honors 89 Years with Crypto Charges

SEC, crypto cahrges

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman, Gary Gensler, tweeted on June 6 that the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 had made the US regulator officially 89 years old.  Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, signed the Securities Act of 1933, the first federal securities law, requiring issuers seeking funding from the […]

Has the market correction ended?

bear market, stock market

After hitting a bear market low for equities in October 2022 (defined as a decline of at least 20% from peak value), U.S. markets were able to make up some lost ground in the subsequent six months. However, the stock market has recently seemed to be “on pause,” with prices varying within a small trading […]

Regulators shouldn’t ‘front-run’ Congress on stablecoins

stablecoins, regulations

Regarding one aspect of cryptocurrency regulatory policy—payment stablecoins—a discreet consensus is gradually forming among important players. Stablecoins will be the focus of another hearing on Thursday by the House Financial Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, and Inclusion, the second one on the topic in the previous four weeks. Prior to the hearing, […]