The top 6 blockchain games to earn rewards

Many people are looking for the best blockchain games as the use of cryptocurrencies in games has expanded significantly over the past few years.

We’ll be discussing our top recommendations for the greatest blockchain games and going into the specifics of each project throughout this guide. Let’s get going! 


Our picks for the best crypto games to play and earn 


We’ve provided a succinct list of blockchain games below, along with a brief description of each project. Further down the page, we have a thorough assessment of each.

RobotEra: a newly released Metaverse NFT game with customizable robot companions;

Calvaria: a play-to-earn crypto card game with free and paid versions;

Tamadoge: fight and train Tamadoge pets in a vast world Metaverse;

Axie Infinity – blockchain game letting players breed and raise NFT monsters;

DeFi Kingdoms – rapidly evolving crypto RPG with a host of earning opportunities;

Spider Tanks: a player vs. player eSports game with upgradable tanks. 


1. RobotEra: customizable robot companions in a new Metaverse NFT game 


A new blockchain game called RobotEra might be about to unseat The Sandbox and Decentraland from the Metaverse thanks to its outstanding set of building tools and variety of revenue choices.

Investors worldwide have been interested in the project’s native token, TARO, which was recently offered as a presale.

The seven continents that make up the RobotEra metaverse are divided into different geographic regions. Players are allowed to roam this territory and mine for materials to make customizable robot companions that can be offered for sale on the built-in NFT market.

Additionally, a wide variety of custom tools provided by RobotEra can be used to create elaborate play-to-earn (P2E) games, as well as enormous structures like museums and castles on this land. This is possible due to RobotEra’s zero-code methodology. For additional information, read the RobotEra whitepaper.

The majority of RobotEra assets exist as NFTs on the Ethereum network in order to keep things simple for players. As a result, trading of goods is made simple, and any adaptations made to lands or robot companions are retained, increasing the potential for profit.

RobotEra, one of the most popular blockchain games and one of the most interesting NFT projects, has a solid token at its core in TARO, which is built on the ERC architecture and has a fixed supply of 1.8 billion, 270 million of which (15%) are set aside for presale investors.

The TARO token can be staked to gain prizes and is also used for governance, allowing holders to cast votes that have an effect on the project’s development.

The three-stage presale for this new blockchain game offers investors a way to participate. The price of TARO will start at $0.020 and rise to $0.025, then reach $0.032 in the final phase, a 60% increase from the present price.

For the best opportunity to purchase TARO tokens, check out the RobotEra presale right away. To receive updates, subscribe to the RobotEra Telegram.  


2. Calvaria: an earn-as-you-play crypto card game with free and paid versions   


The crypto battle-card game Calvaria (RIA), which has the potential to upset the eSports market significantly, is another contender for the title of best blockchain game.

In an early-stage presale that has already garnered an impressive total of more than $1.8 million, the project’s native RIA token is currently on the market.

In Calvaria, users can compete in high-stakes card games resembling Hearthstone by creating a deck of NFT-based cards with a variety of stats.

A player can receive awards paid in eRIA for victories in games. While NFT cards are required for the P2E version of Calvaria, there is also a free version of the game that does not contain any P2E components.

Because the Calvaria team chose to develop the project on the Polygon network, the game will gain from Ethereum’s security while still being scalable and with low transaction costs. In order to promote a robust in-game economy, Calvaria has also made it simple to purchase, sell, and trade cards using NFTs.

The Calvaria ecosystem is built around the RIA and eRIA coins, two distinct cryptocurrencies (earned RIA). With the former, you can buy new cards or decks, stake them to receive rewards, or use them to vote on impending game-related decisions. The latter, known as eRIA, is given to players as a reward and can be used to buy card improvements.

Investors have access to the token as part of a 10-stage presale, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to acquire it.

The presale is currently in its fourth stage, with tokens selling for $0.025 apiece. However, with each step, the price of RIA will climb by $0.005, reaching $0.055 at the tenth stage, a 120% increase from the present pricing, giving early backers the best value.

Why Calvaria is regarded by so many as one of the top blockchain games available is simple to understand. With more investors likely to join after the game’s complete release, this new cryptocurrency project has already received a sizable amount of funding. View the Calvaria presale right away to avoid the upcoming price hike.

Check out the Calvaria whitepaper to learn more about this revolutionary platform, and join the Calvaria Telegram group to stay updated on any changes. 


3. Tamadoge – combat and Tamadoge pet training in a vast Metaverse 


Tamadoge (TAMA), a play-to-earn initiative that allows users to earn cryptocurrency prizes for raising and combating NFT-based creatures inside a vast Metaverse realm, is next on our list of the top blockchain games.

Recently, the TAMA token sold out of its $19 million presale before being published on a number of prestigious exchanges, shocking the project’s creators.

Tamadoge is one of the best blockchain games currently accessible, with gameplay sure to interest and thrill its audience. Players can interact with 3D animated pets while exploring the enormous Metaverse universe and level them up using in-game stuff.  




A player’s position on the in-game leaderboard is determined by their Dogepoints, which are awarded whenever their NFT pet levels up. A player gains access to a larger portion of the rewards pool as they go up the leaderboard. As a result, players buy more things from the TAMA shop, which causes TAMA to become deflationary and reduce the supply by causing a 5% burn on in-store sales. 

Tamadoge is already a fascinating project, but in the near future, it’s anticipated to be even more useful. Before an augmented reality (AR) software allowing users to communicate with their pets via a mobile device is published in Q4 2023, a series of Tamadoge arcade games is anticipated to debut in Q3 2023 in addition to the company’s flagship game.

The ERC-20 TAMA coin powers the ecosystem of Tamadoge. The token has a maximum supply of 2 billion and is totally tax-free, making it excellent for trading and probably one of the reasons it is listed on well-known exchanges like OKX and Gate. For more information on this fascinating asset, read the Tamaodge whitepaper.

For investors, Tamadoge might be the top blockchain game. The price of the TAMA token shot up to $0.197 when it was listed on OKX, and although it has since dipped back down, as the market starts to recover, we might see some spectacular growth from TAMA, making it one of the finest long-term cryptos to buy right now.

Join the Tamadoge Telegram group to stay up to date.  


4. The blockchain game Axie Infinity, which allows players to breed and raise NFT monsters 


At its peak, Axie Infinity (AXS) was one of the most popular blockchain games in terms of market valuation and user base. The concept, which was inspired by video games like Pokemon, lets users train and fight monsters.

Considering that the AXS token is currently only worth $6.40, down from its peak value of almost $160, risk-tolerant investors may find the project to be a compelling proposition.

The NFT creatures used by Axie Infinity (also known as Axies) as its in-game assets are special and easily tradeable, and some players breed the NFT monsters to make a living. Players have the option of selling Axies on the P2P Axie market in addition to having the option of earning AXS through battle.

When investors flooded the cryptocurrency market in 2021 during the bull run, Axie Infinity grabbed the world by storm. Although the project’s user base has since decreased, we might witness a revival if the market improves, making Axie Infinity worth monitoring.  


5. DeFi Kingdoms: a quickly developing crypto RPG with a ton of income possibilities  


In comparison to other brand-new blockchain games, DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) intended to do things differently.

The Serendale virtual environment served as the focal point of the Harmony project (although a new land created on the Avalanche blockchain called Crystalvale has since been released).

DeFi Kingdoms’ main objective was to combine cryptocurrency games with decentralized finance (DeFi) to produce a game that rewards its players. DeFi Kingdoms provides a variety of ways to make money as a result.

Players can lock money in liquidity pools to passively earn cryptocurrency in addition to completing quests for cryptocurrency prizes, which increases the overall value locked in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem.

DeFi Kingdoms has yet to fare well in the recent crypto winter, but the development team is always working on new features, such as territories built on other networks. The user base will grow. As a result, they are raising JEWEL’s price in the long run. 


6. Spider Tanks: a player versus player eSports game with upgradeable tanks 


The top blockchain game from renowned developer Gala Games is undoubtedly Spider Tanks. The gameplay revolves around engaging in combat with tanks in the form of spiders, as the name would imply. The project, which Gala Games developed, is supported by the GALA token.

Player-vs-player arena brawler Spider Tanks offers incentives for triumphing in challenging bouts. Each Spider Tank may be completely customized, and because it is an NFT, it can be bought and sold on the Gala marketplace. Although it is a free-to-play game, in order to play matches, players must buy tanks.

One of Gala Games’ top blockchain games is called Spider Tanks. Spider Tanks may become an eSports because of its fun and intensely competitive gameplay, which would undoubtedly increase the GALA token’s worth dramatically.