Junior Trading Engineer 

We are looking for a Junior Trading Engineer who specializes in system maintenance, development of monitoring and portfolio management systems, market and data analysis, tool management, ETL process development, and BI analytics.

We expect that the candidate will

Join our professional trading team and boost its performance.


The tasks performed by the TE team can be grouped into three categories:

Julia Development:

  • Developing and maintaining high-performance applications in the Julia programming language.
  • Optimizing and accelerating existing algorithms and libraries in Julia.
  • Developing and testing new libraries and frameworks in Julia.
  • Working with open data and creating analytical tools using Julia.
  • Participating in the Julia community and contributing to its development.

Data Engineer (ETL/BI Engineer):

  • Developing scripts for automated data loading.
  • Data quality checking and developing control mechanisms.
  • Developing mechanisms to monitor the performance of ETL processes and data analysis.
  • Working with databases and data repositories.
  • Working with APIs to extract raw data.
  • Stream processing of data.
  • Developing analytical dashboards using Tableau and TradingView.

Trading Operations:

  • Supporting trading systems and applications for automating trading operations.
  • Working with open data and market analytics.
  • Monitoring news and new market instruments for up-to-date information.
  • Analyzing new market instruments for addition to the trading platform.
  • Monitoring instruments to ensure effective implementation of trading strategies.
  • Monitoring quoting levels and adjusting them as needed.
  • Managing trading tools, including enabling, disabling, and temporarily suspending their trading activities.

Required skills and experience:

  • Technical/engineering education;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, including joins, aggregate and window functions;
  • Experience with Linux systems and proficient command-line skills;
  • Knowledge and experience in programming with one of the following languages: Julia, C/C++, Rust, Go.

Nice to have:

  • Interest in the trading field;
  • Knowledge of the Julia programming language;
  • Experience with GitLab CI/CD;
  • Tableau administration experience;
  • Experience  with PostgreSQL and ClickHouse databases.

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