State-of-the-art algorithmic
trading technology

What We Do

We leverage our expertise as a proprietary
trading firm to excel in high alpha,
low-risk arbitrage, powered by
our innovative in-house platform

Our platform is designed for effective trading problem-solving, featuring an actor model architecture that ensures low-latency performance
Our market-making and latency arbitrage trading algorithms handle thousands of instruments on dozens of markets simultaneously, backed by high-precision backtesting and simulation infrastructure
Our focus is on evolving our distributed infrastructure, ensuring stringent code quality and optimising market data processing speed to expand our market geography


A results-driven team of financial market experts, quantitative analysts, and systems engineers, dedicated to advancing algorithmic strategies with innovative technology

Current Job

Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • The whole range of works on the design and development of tests in Kotlin
  • Development of a framework for automated testing
  • Exploratory testing of new functionality + bug localization
  • Maintaining documentation and testing artefacts
Full Stack Developer

  • Given high-level business requirements, design & implement complete trading platform features, including both backend and frontend;
  • Implement proposed solutions using TypeScript, Node.js, React;
  • Ensure quality and reliability of developed solutions using automated (unit, integration) testing;
  • Document implemented modules;
  • Communicate with peer teams on integrations, deployment and support of implemented solutions;
  • Maintain and improve implemented solutions according to business needs and feedback.
Backend Engineer

  • Given high-level business and technical requirements, discuss all related details with the product/trading/devops teams, to develop features of a trading platform;
  • Implement the proposed solutions in the Rust programming language;
  • Ensure the quality, reliability and performance of the developed solutions through automated (modular, integration, performance) and manual testing with the QA team;
  • Document implemented modules;
  • Communicate with colleagues on integration, deployment and support of implemented solutions;
  • Maintain and improve implemented modules according to business needs and feedback.
Team Lead for Gateway team

  • Feature delivering;
  • Task decomposition – assist team members in understanding and designing solutions;
  • Team development: hiring, firing, motivation, retention, regular performance assessments, team expertise growth, nurturing Feature Leads, fostering a friendly work atmosphere;
  • Sprint planning and task distribution;
  • Responsible for meeting deadlines for tasks executed by the team;
  • Enhance the testing culture within the team;
  • Ensure proposed solutions do not compromise platform reliability and performance;
  • Promote a knowledge base culture for the part of the platform the team is responsible for;
  • Assess and plan team resources based on incoming tasks.