What We Do?

Automated trade
Our platform utilizes Actor Model software architecture specifically designed to effectively solve unique problems concurrently
Low latency
Our market-making and latency arbitrage trading algorithms handle thousands of instruments on dozens of markets around the world simultaneously
Expanded Market Access
We continue to evolve our distributed infrastructure, optimizing market data inputs, while ensuring stringent code quality

Global Market Expertise

Global scope & Strong collaborations
New York
Sao Paolo
Hong Kong
Global scope & Strong collaborations
Here at BHFT we develop and implement 
strategies that adapt to various markets, 
aiming to enhance market efficiency 
worldwide. We prioritize ethical practices 
and a global perspective to build lasting 
Advanced Data Management
Advanced Data Management
Our strength lies in the research: diving into 
markets’ microstructures, understanding liquidity
in fragmented markets, and getting the details of 
different exchanges just right
Rapid Execution Capability
Rapid Execution Capability
Utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software, BHFT executes trades swiftly, capitalizing on fleeting market opportunities

Comprehensive Compliance

BHFT upholds legal and ethical standards in 
trading, with a particular emphasis on 
compliance with AML, CTF and sanctions 
Transparent and Responsible Practices
We highly respect data boundaries and operate strictly in compliance with regulations, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment
External Expertise
We strategically use third parties to enhance certain aspects of our compliance program.
We provide mandatory training on Market abuse,
Financial crime, Information Security, Anti-
Bribery & Corruption to our management and all 
staff, including contractors and consultants.
Risk Management
We have a clearly defined risk tolerance statement, aligning our operations with our risk appetite. To fortify this alignment, we've implemented robust pre-trade and post-trade risk controls.

We embrace cutting-edge technologies to power our trading platform

Proprietary in-house trading platform

Ensures high security performance and low latency

50+ Rust and DevOps experts constantly maintain the highest efficiency standards for our platform